I write for … who again?

I’m bad with names. I forget who it is I write for. Me? The masses? My close friends? Minority groups? Agents? Publishers? I once spoke with Ed Falco, the author of The Family Corleone (a sequel to The Godfather). He said he had attempted a few of what I would call literary fiction. The kind […]

The Fractured Spheres Part VI. Chapter 3. War of Siffora

The bear, nose coated in sticky golden goodness, raised up to his hind legs and sniffed the air. His black fur was glossy and matted with rain. The handful of bees around him were sluggish and half-hearted in their protestations. Large brown eyes turned toward the hunched cultists. They argued in hushed tones over prophecy […]

The Fractured Spheres Part VI. Chapter 2. Mistress of Siffora

The large double doors creaked open. Four of the bravest cultists entered and shook the rain from their hair. They looked around the wide entrance, then up the elaborate winding staircase. The floors were dark stained wood. The carven molding was elaborate, punctuated by tarnished brass at regular intervals. The walls were a dull, fuzzy […]