darkstar. tourguide.

The repair job to the thrashed fence was not good. Not at all by industry standard. In fact, the guild of engineers would have had Az surreptitiously killed for that kind of work. But it was a simple task, comparatively. Az was thankful that the creature took care of the bodies, tossing them nonchalantly into […]

darkstar. explorer.

Az stepped out of his apartment. For some, this was quite a feat. But it did not require an extraordinary amount of courage from this technocaste. Only a flutter of fear. Sleep deprivation soaked up the rest. “Begin voice activation,” he said. Vocal activation initiated, came the cool, pleasant response in his earpiece. “Walking mode,” […]

darkstar. astronomer.

It was not a bad job. It got him the credits he needed to live comfortably and maintain illusive health care until the ripe old age of forty-two. It was an official Regime job, not a guild, and the Regime took care of their own. At least until that ripened age of forty-two. “Az, you […]

darkstar. insomniac.

(New project. Same universe as The Fractured Spheres, but a prequel depicting the events that led to the radical changes to Earth. I think you will enjoy the lighthearted nature of it.) -bds Night was meant for sleep. That was known. That was good and right. But when sleep was raided by sinister dreams it […]