List of Works


Assana – co-writer

Currently in post-production. Go to for more details.

Short Stories

Beneath the Lake

A modern remix of some Greek mythology.

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Horror: Revisited

A time traveling adventure for the millenial generation with a little Lovecraft thrown in.

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The Fractures Spheres

A series of short stories depicting life in each of the seven Spheres from the world of the Spheres of Darkness.

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Spheres of Darkness (unreleased)

Technology has been abandoned, replaced with a Neo-Medieval civilization. Cynara Loure is one of the fortunate few to live a life of ease in this new world, but that is about to change. By default she has sworn allegiance to the approved religion, worshipping the distant stars and their equally distant gods. But when all she knows begins to crumble, her search for something real will draw her into adventures as dangerous as they are enlightening.

This is the story of one young woman’s journey to expose the truth. She will be doggedly pursued along the way, and will have to move fast if she is to survive the Spheres of Darkness.

Descent of Darkness (unreleased)

The world will be changed forever in more ways than one. First there was the great Blackout, then the sky itself appeared to fall. A data miner named Centauri and his house servant, Jess, will need to find some way to adapt to a violent new world. Especially since there are others seeking to bend the earth to a new order governed by survival of the fittest. Mankind, split into the intellectual Technocaste and the brawny Biocaste, will have to learn to come back together if they are to live through the chaos of the Descent of Darkness.

Edge of Light (unreleased)

Conclusion to the trilogy, revealing the events behind the events spanning the time frame of the first two books and leading to the explosive ending.


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