darkstar. throne room.

Az looked toward the high dark spires of the castle where the bat brought them. “Should I be worried?” He asked Sara. “Something about this bat variety makes them all drama queens. Besides, shouldn’ typist dreams tell you if you’re in trouble?” Az smiled. “Drama queens of the damned, you mean.” Another eye roll from […]

darkstar. augur.

He saw so much in so little time. The brilliance of the light made it all clear. He was about to die. They had fallen down a cliff in a humongous cavern. Glossy black walls and ceiling reflected with a bright glow. At the bottom was liquid gold, popping with heat. Some sort of sulfurous […]

darkstar. food truck.

He hoisted himself awkwardly behind the woman. The thought of such close proximity had almost tantalized him. Up until being called a moron. After that it was just uncomfortable. Even more so when she told him to hold on tight. His limp grip was strengthened as she yanked his arms around her waist. “Which one […]

darkstar. alien.

Inside the wall was a city of sorts. Rock hewn structures lined it. A few demons went about doing whatever it was demons did. Az felt small. The demons towered, the homes towered, and the towers towered. He took time to study this place. Or it might better be stated that with all of his […]

darkstar. novelty.

All that was happening seemed almost natural. But that was, perhaps, because he had dreamed it so very many times. It always started here, on the back of a black rock which it now turned out to be not a rock but a large, blunt-angled creature. Whatever the mode of transportation, it propelled him up […]

darkstar. thrall.

Az walked back to his apartment, ignoring the conversation among the demons who had evidently been holed up in electrical wires for a few centuries. He did not really feel concerned. After all, he was on their side now. Sort of. Though that did not mean he was without enemies. His eyes flitted for any […]