About Benjamin

First off, my thinking is pretty far away from the box. That’s not me bragging. That’s me hoping my brain isn’t so deviant that it’s out of touch to any kind of audience. I’ll make a sign to go around my neck that reads, “If found, please return to the box.”

I began writing for my university paper … Wait, let me back up. I began writing at age 10 when I found an old typewriter which allowed me to bypass my excruciating aversion to handwriting. My first story was a star fighter action adventure based on a kite I had in which … Wait, I need to back up again. My first story was at age 7, and it was all in my head, conjured while I was strung out on Dimatapp before it was illegal. It was a story about a flying, talking tiger and me going on heroic adventures. The story ended up being written as a serial story to a friend in high school in which I played out all my high school fantasies. It wasn’t pretty.

Now we can fast forward to college when I wrote for the university paper. In graduate school I became editor-in-chief of my own online magazine, Root & Branch. Since then I have produced an assortment of poetry and short stories before finally reaching my niche in the realm of Science Fiction and Fantasy. My debut novel is set for online release in 2018. In the meantime I am creating short stories (The Fractured Spheres) to introduce the world of my novel and dabbling in the world of screenplays like #AssanaTheMovie (trailer at http://www.staringatfire.com

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