Writing about writing

I don’t usually write about writing. For one, I’d usually rather write than write about it. Also, everyone’s writing style and philosophy is different. This causes me to grumble against headings like …

“Do It This Way and You Will Succeed as a Writer.”

I always read it as …

“Do It My Way or You Will Never Amount to Anything.”

Maybe those bloggers are right, or maybe I’ll just amount to something different. So I only have one rule for writers.

And here it is.

In all it’s glory.

Trying to build up the anticipation and …

“Thou shalt write.”

If you stick to that rule then you are a writer. Congratulations. You may now put “writer” in your profile.

Everything else falls into place after the first rule. If you keep writing, you will be reading the work of others, getting feedback, and honing your craft. You will be doing these things because you want all that writing effort to be the best it can be.

You will write because writing is what you do. Simple as that.

You will have highs and lows. Feasts and famine. But the rain will always come back after a dry spell.

And you will fail … lots. And you will want to burn everything you’ve written but you won’t be able to because … those confounded digital cloud backups.

And you will love something you wrote that everyone else falls asleep to. And you will hate something everyone else adores. That’s just how it is.

So enjoy reading “Ten Things Every True Writer Does” and gather advice, but remember that there’s only one thing every writer truly does. And that is … well, you already know.


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