Writing about writing

I don’t usually write about writing. For one, I’d usually rather write than write about it. Also, everyone’s writing style and philosophy is different. This causes me to grumble against headings like … “Do It This Way and You Will Succeed as a Writer.” I always read it as … “Do It My Way or […]

Horror in Repast

A sequel to Horror in Reverse The monolith looked harmless. Kind of a disappointing end to a rigorous hunt. Tall enough to be ominous, sure. Eerie because of how smooth the black rock was. But there were no fireballs flung from it, no smoky haze around it, and no thunderous voice emanating from inside it. […]

The Fractured Spheres Part IV. Chapter 5. Trapped of Vinaserat

A screech and crash echoed behind them. Then a cacophony of booms as part of the ceiling fell, effectively blocking Alioth for the time being.   “What’s happening?” Joelle asked.   “Vinaserat’s hungry, I think,” Jinn said. “That storm … I don’t think it’s like the others. The wind’s never come inside before. Inside this […]