Imperfect Prose

“The novel is a prose narrative of some length that has something wrong with it.” -Randall Jarrell I first heard that quote, or something close to it, from a forward by Neil Gaiman. It struck me like a pike to the very center of the brain and though I have mostly recovered from the injury, […]

darkstar. harbinger.

The impact was explosive. When the angel reached the water it dug a craterous hole to the bed of the river, sending a wall of spray four stories high. Four more celestial cannonballs made impact. This began the pool party to end all pool parties. The demons worked to right themselves and face the angel. […]

darkstar. homecoming.

All he could hear were the licking waves. He strained to listen. There were still phlegathon fighting noises in the distance. “Sara?” But it was Leia who crested the hill and came tumbling down to him. She was limping and a rivulet of red trailed down her leg from beneath the furs. She was breathless […]

Beneath the Lake

Wrote this a while back and never published it. My modern take on some Greek mythology. 1. The woman shed her garb. Not sensually. Just a matter-of-fact stripping of what would hinder her swim. She moved forward, allowing the waves to chill her bronze feet. Then ankles. Then long quick strides and a leap brought […]

darkstar. wayfinder.

“If we rest we will die.” That is what the long-haired, fur clad woman warned Azure the first time he stopped to gather his breath. “I’m not … that great … at running,” he said. “If not for the light gravity I’d be dead from a heart attack.” Yet he pushed himself to follow her […]

darkstar. wielder.

He was awake, or awakened by Sara. She was staring down at him with an eyebrow raised. He had his hand out, gripping the sword hilt. But there was no sword. Just a black stone from the ground. “Bad dream? That happens a lot here.” She stood and began to dress. “I need to get […]

darkstar. dreamer.

An older gentleman crumbled. One moment he was doing a pitiful job hacking rock and the next he was just a pitiful heap on the ground. As though his bones finally wore out of their thinly stretched slings. What was his story? How long ago had he been kidnapped on an alien moon? Must have […]