The Fractured Spheres Part V. Chapter 6. Hero of Kadamern

Rounding people up to burn in pyres had been easy. There was always a list of ne’re-do-wells provided by the local priesthood. They had found all but one on the list, in fact. Someone by the name of Arcturus Benjamin. Probably rotting in an alley, choked on his own vomit. That is what Councilman Meriodoc […]

The Fractured Spheres Part V. Chapter 5. Trainer of Kadamern

From the mountaintop where Arcturus lay limp he could see the temple city of Io. The high golden domes. The twisting waterways. It made sense that Kadamern was the moon of grandeur. Considering all the Western Spheres, Jupiter was really the only one worth visiting. Mars, to the south, was nothing but hurricanes and swamps. […]

Writing about writing

I don’t usually write about writing. For one, I’d usually rather write than write about it. Also, everyone’s writing style and philosophy is different. This causes me to grumble against headings like … “Do It This Way and You Will Succeed as a Writer.” I always read it as … “Do It My Way or […]